Input Layout Columns

Input columns do not have to be in a specific order, however there are some basic requirements.

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NCOA source

Customizable Data Formatting
Input File Layout Specifications

Input File Specifications

NCOAsource specializes in accommodating a wide variety of input data formats.

Data format: A wide variety of data formats are accepted. Chances are good that your current data format can be accommodated.

  • Preferred input data format: XLSX. Or tab-delimited with column headers
  • Accepted input data formats: TXT, CSV, fixed-width, XLS, XLSX. Even custom delimiters from legacy systems, such as pipe delimiter (|), asterisk delimiter, etc., are accepted.
  • Include a header record: A header record is the line at the very top of your list or file that provides column names
  • 50 columns maximum in header record

Data layout: Your input layout (the data you upload for processing) does not need to be complex. In fact, you can keep it simple.
Up to 50 input fields are allowed, but at a minimum the following colunms (without the brackets) are needed for successful matching:

For NCOA processing, Email Append, or Phone Append:


For Reverse Email Append:


For Reverse Phone Append:


Q & A:

  • Does my input data need to have the columns in any specific order? No. You can position your data columns in any order you want.
  • Do I need to include ZIP+4 info in the layout I send for processing? No. We will append ZIP+4 data to your addresses as the first step in NCOA processing.
  • How should my [NAME] data be formatted? Name data can be formatted as a single [Name] field, or [FirstName] [LastName], or [First][Middle][Last], or [First][Middle][Last][Suffix].
  • Can I include a [Company] field? Yes.
  • Can I include a [Unique ID] field? Yes.
  • Can I include additional fields that I need to have included with the return data but are not necessary for NCOA matching? Yes.
  • How should my [Address] data be formatted? Address data can be submitted in either of the two following ways: 1) as a single [Address] field, or 2) as [Address1] [Address2].
  • How should my [City][St][Zip] data be formatted? This data can be submitted as 3 separate fields or as a single [CSZ] field.
  • Note1: Maximum of 50 input fields (columns)
  • Note2: Maximum field length = 50 characters
  • Note3: CR/LF required (carriage return/line feed). This is standard on most files.
  • Note4: Quotations as text qualifiers not supported
  • Note5: Maximum of 3 address fields (columns) (i.e. Address1, Address2, Address3)
  • Note6: If input format = XLS, multiple sheets are not allowed
  • Note7: For fastest processing, utilize a consistent data layout

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