Ready-to-mail NCOA data

:: Data That's Easy To Work With ::

The last thing you need is a headache while working with your return data. We understand this. (We don't like headaches either.)

You'll be happy to know that our information processing has evolved over the years, since 2002, to the point of making our return data very easy to work with.

  • Need to quickly find all the new addresses? Just look for the 'Y's in the New_Address field.
  • Want to easily delete all the NCOA-confirmed return mail records? Just filter on the 'Y's in the MRT_Flag field. (MRT stands for mail return.)
  • How about deleting all of the records with bad mail scores? Easy. Just delete any record with a '5' in the Mailability_Score field.

Still need help? Just let us know. Our NCOA Support is US-based and always free.


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