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Features and Pricing

Since 2002

Mailhouse Rates -- NCOALink 48-month dataset
- For daily, frequent, or high-volume Mailers -

(Not a daily or frequent mailer? Here's the standard NCOA pricing)

NCOA On-Demand
(Pay-as-you-go Plan)
Fully-Automated National Change of Address
USPS NCOA Dataset: Full 48-month USPS NCOA masterfile
Largest & most comprehensive USPS NCOA file
160+ million addresses | Updated Weekly
Robust USPS address standardization & CASS certification
Minimum processing fee: $45.00 per file
NCOA any single list up to 17,000 addresses for $45.00
Minimum fee waived when job billing > minimum fee
NCOA Rate Price Per 1000 Records
Under 50,000 Records (rows): $2.65 per thousand
50,001 to 500,000 Records: $2.25 per thousand
500,001 To 1000,000 Records: $1.90 per thousand
Over 1,000,000 Records: $1.75 per thousand
Pricing example 1: 4,200 rows 4.2 x $2.65 = $45.00 total run charge
(minimum fee applies since job billing < min)
Pricing example 2: 23,219 rows 23.219 x $2.65 = $61.53 total run charge
(minimum fee waived since job billing > min)
Pricing example 3: 273,000 rows 273 x $2.25 = $614.25 total run charge
(minimum fee waived since job billing > min)
Turnaround: 30 mins to 1 hour for established users
Setup fees, deposits, & contracts: None
Volume requirement: none
Usage frequency: Mailhouse Rate reserved for frequent users
Specific input layout required? No. Our processing accommodates your layout.
Flexible input layout: XLS/XLSX, Tab-delimited, CSV, TXT, Pipe-delimited, Custom
MD5 Duplicate File Detection: Included
Dynamic Record-level Name Parsing: Included
Robust 2-tier CASS certification: Included
Postal Form 3553 (CASS report): Included
Delivery Point Validation (DPV): Included
LACSLink (rural address conversions): Included
SuiteLink: Included
Mail Score for each address: Included
What's in the return data? All original columns intact + new columns appended
In-process communications:
  • File Upload Confirmation email
  • File Completion Notification email
  • Usage Report + Statistics email
  • Included
    Required software: None
    Secure web-based file upload: Included
    Full Data Automation: Included
    Easy-to-use Return Data: Standard
    De-duplicate Filtering: Optional
    Add Phone Lookups to NCOA processing: Available @ just 3.5 cents per match
    Other services available: PCOA, Email Append, Reverse Email Append, Cell Phone Append, etc.
    Additional fees: None
    Method of Payment: All major credit cards accepted
    Monthly Flat Rate Plans: Available upon request