The clear advantage

  1. Better match logic
  2. Unrivaled data
  3. Landline or Wireless Phone Append
  4. National multi-sourced
  5. Telco & Directory Assistance updates
  6. Wireless & Converted-to-Wireless indicator

Wireless Phone Append

Cell Phone Numbers

Two types of logic
Tight: FullName+Address
Looser: LastName+Address

Prior to Usage

A signed DNC Waiver must accompany first usage

The Best Data Privacy   

  • Other info providers track you
  • We don't track you at all
  • Zero 3rd party analytics
  • Zero social media tracking
  • Zero use of tracking cookies
  • No location-based tracking
  • No web beacons or clear gifs
  • No flash cookies or LSO's
  • No IP Address tracking


Since 2002. Wireless Phone Append & Landline Phone Append

Wireless or Landline

Nationwide Phone Append
3 cents per match

Fast, powerful & comprehensive

Did you know that with your UserID you can update your lists with phone numbers from nationwide USA telephone directories?
It's simple & fast.

Your database will thank you.
Old phone records are costly, not only in terms of wasted time and employee costs, but also hard costs. And don't forget frustration. Our premium Phone Append service provides a uniquely fast, simple & cost-effective way to maximize your contact records.

Detect, identify, and Append
Append your customer list with the most reliable phone data available. Utilize our sophisticated mult-sourced national files to detect, identify, and append phone numbers to your list. Phone numbers are added to your list based on your provided name and/or postal address.

How it works:

  • 245 million records
  • 116 million unique households
  • Multi-sourced national files
  • Telco-sourced & Directory Assistance updates
  • Automatically searches both Consumer and Business records
  • Avg over 1 million records added per month

  • Fast & automated:
    Most phone append jobs completed within an hour, varies by job complexity

Data appended to your file:

  • Phone Match: Y = Phone number match; N = no match
  • Telephone number: 10-char Phone Number
  • Phone Match Level: match confidence score
  • Timezone indicator: EST, CST, MST, PST, AST, HST, etc
  • Phone Type: Voice Line, Mobile, After-Hours, Converted-to-wireless, etc.

Phone Append Pricing:
  • $0.03 per telephone number match
  • Phone match rate avg between 35 to 85%

Wireless phone number identification:
Because many people are using/switching to wireless, all numbers are matched against a wireless and ported wireless database. NCOAsource identifies these matches in the Phone Number Type column. In this column, you will see C (Car, Cellular, or Mobile) or W = Converted to Wireless when this type of match occurs.

Address Correction:
One of our core strengths is address data. Therefore, prior to processing input addresses are standardized to USPS formats. Results: improved phone number matching and fewer disconnects. Please note your input data itself is not changed. Original user input data is preserved and phone data is appended to original records.

DNC Waiver | Telephone Do-Not-Call:
NCOAsource maintains multiple telephone Do-Not-Call files to help prevent calling households requesting privacy. Note: To process files against the FTC National Do-Not-Call file, a current SAN number must be on file with NCOAsource. Prior to processing, a signed DNC waiver form must be on file. Note: for Wireless Phone Append additional forms may be required.

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