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Largest & most comprehensive USPS dataset
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Since 2002

NCOA On-demand
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NCOA On-Demand

Fully automated National Change of Address

USPS NCOA Dataset: Full 48-month USPS NCOA masterfile
Largest & most comprehensive USPS NCOA file
160+ million addresses | Updated Weekly
Robust USPS address standardization & CASS certification
Service description: National Change of Address is used by database admins & mailers
to ensure current & correct mailing addresses
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Rate for 48-month National Change of Address NCOA any single list up to 25,000 addresses for $75.00
NCOA Minimum processing fee $75.00 minimum fee per file processed
Minimum fee waived if/when job billing > minimum fee
NCOA Rate For Lists < 25,000 Addresses Number of records
$75.00 to NCOA any single file with fewer than 25k rows NCOA any single list up to 25,000 addresses (rows)
NCOA Rate For Lists > 25,000 Addresses Number of records
$2.65 per thousand records up to 500,000 records (rows)
$2.10 per thousand records 500,001 To 1000,000 records (rows)
$1.75 per thousand Over 1,000,000 Records (rows)
Pricing example 1: 18,000 addresses (rows) in list $75.00 total run charge
(record count < 25k addresses)
Pricing example 2: 56,000 addresses (rows) in list 56 x $2.65 = $148.40 total run charge
Pricing example 3: 173,000 addresses (rows) in list 173 x $2.10 = $363.30 total run charge
Pricing example 4: 2.5 million addresses (rows) in list 2500 x $1.75 = $4,375 total run charge
Turnaround 30 mins to 1.5 hours for established users
Setup fees & deposits None
Volume requirement none
Flexible input layout XLSX, Tab-delimited, CSV, TXT, Pipe-delimited
MD5 Duplicate File Detection Included
SmartLogic Record-level Name Parsing Included
Robust 2-tier CASS certification Included
Postal Form 3553 (CASS report) Included
Delivery Point Validation (DPV) Included
LACSLink (rural address conversions) Included
SuiteLink Included
Mail Score for each address Included
What's in the return data? All original columns intact + new columns
In-process communications
  • File Upload Confirmation email
  • File Completion Notification email
  • Usage Report + Statistics email
  • Included
    Required software None
    Secure web-based file upload Included
    Full Data Automation Included
    Easy-to-use Return Data Standard
    Add Phone Lookups to NCOA processing: Available @ 3.5 cents per match
    Includes On-demand access to other services PCOA, Email Append, Reverse Email Append, Cell Phone Append, etc.
    Additional fees None
    Method of Payment All major credit cards accepted
    Monthly Flat Rate Plans Available upon request