Duplicate Filtering

  1. Identify dupes
    • Name only
    • Address only
    • Name + Address
  2. Flag dupes
  3. Remove dupes


Detect, identify, and flag (or delete) duplicate records

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Dedupe | Duplicate Filtering

Add automated dedupe to any NCOA job for just $35.00*

Did you know that with your existing UserID, you can add automated, advanced-algorithm duplicate filtering to your next NCOA job?

Your database will thank you.
Duplicate records are costly, both in terms of wasted time, employee cost, as well as hard costs associated with mailing and processing. And don't forget frustration.

Detect, identify, and flag duplicates
Utilizing sophisticated multiple data element parsing, our dedupe processing is able to detect, delete, or simply flag duplicated records within your list. Even those records that may not appear to be exact duplicates but indeed are.

How it works:

  • Log in. Click "Add Dedupe".
  • Enter your dedupe criteria, then click Submit.
  • Now upload your file.
  • Dedupe will be performed as requested.
  • Dedupe report included with Usage Report.
  • *Special rate applies to files < 50k records.

  • First, decide on a dedupe criteria.
    Note: If you are unsure, we recommend Address-based dedupe.
  • Name-based dedupe
    • First Name + Last Name (FL)
    • First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name (FML)
    • First Name + Last Name + Company/Organization Name (FLC)
    • Company/Organization Name only (C)

  • Address-based dedupe (A) Recommended.

  • Name + Address dedupe
    • First Name + Address (FA)
    • Last Name + Address (LA)
    • First Name + Last Name + Address (FLA)
    • Company/Organization Name + Address (CA)

  • Next, decide on a dedupe action.
    Would you like duplicate records deleted or simply flagged?
  • Option 1: Duplicate-Flag (DF)
    Duplicates are identified based on your requested criteria
    Nothing is deleted from your list
    Duplicates are flagged with a 'Y' in final column of data

  • Option 2: Duplicate-Delete (DD)
    Duplicates are identified based on your requested criteria
    Duplicates are removed from your updated list

Questions? Let us know and we'll get back to you right away.

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