NCOA Processing:

  • No Setup Cost
  • Wholesale Rates
  • No Long-term Contracts
  • No Volume Requirements
  • Full NCOA-48 processing
  • Flexible Data Formatting
  • Dedupe file upon request

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Clean data is good data....Since 2002

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Data Hygiene | List Cleanup

Have you received a placement, a drop, or a mailing list plagued
with ugly, challenging, or 'difficult' data?

Instead of spending days manually cleaning it up yourself, outsource it to the pros.

Your data is important...but only if it's clean and workable data. Clients seeking to improve the overall 'cleanliness' of their data are able to take advantage of a series of steps to ensure that data meets expectations.

What takes place...

  • Multi-level data scrubbing
  • Dynamic multi-format name parsing
  • Removal of non-name and non-address data (i.e. asterisks **, slashes '/', notes, etc.)
  • Removal of redundant address1/address2 data
  • Removal of Name data from Address data
  • Removal of prefix from Name data
  • City State Zip Parsing
  • Fully customizable based on your data requirements

What you end up with...

  • Overall more hygienic, more deliverable data
  • Return format = tab-delimited for easy import into just about all applications
  • Upon completion, simply click 'download now' in your notification email

How much does it cost?

  • Single file with less than 50,000 records:
    • $145.00
  • Single file with 50k - 100k records:
    • $275.00
  • Single file > 100k or multiple files....quote
  • Rates cover maximum 2 hours labor; rates subject to change if more time req'd