Reverse Email Append

  1. Identify names & postal addresses
  2. Populate your list with valuable demographics
  3. Contact customers via direct mail
  4. Allow for highly-targeted campaigns
  5. Increase your response rates
  6. Add value to your organization's database


Since 2002: Match Demographics + Names & Addresses to email lists

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Reverse Email Append

You've got the email list
We've got the names, addresses & demographics

Turn nameless, faceless, anonymous email addresses into a known quantity & valuable asset today

Understand more about the individuals behind email addresses and connect with them via direct mail and other multi-channel strategies

From the email address as a starting point our Reverse Email Append provides matching data from our national files, giving you First & Last Name, Primary Address, City, State, Zip (+Zip4). We even include our Top Ten Demographics at no charge. This gives you additional touch points for all sorts of multichannel contact strategies and highly targeted campaigns.

Why we're the best:
  • Fully-automated non-human Reverse Email Append processing
  • Super fast turnaround (typically less than an hour)
  • Most affordable processing in the industry
  • Our Top Ten demographics included at no extra charge
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Demographics + Names + Addresses Appended to your Email Lists

What data is appended when there's a match?
  • First name, Middle initial, and Last Name
  • USPS Standardized address, city, state, zip + zip4
  • Mail score for every single address matched
  • Top Ten demographics included:
    1. Gender & Marital Status Code
    2. Age Code
    3. Family Income Detector Ranges
    4. Children Present Flag
    5. Length of Residence (in years)
    6. Home Value Code
    7. Location Type (SFR, multi-family, retirement, etc)
    8. Renter/Owner Flag
    9. Ethnic Code + Religion Code
    10. Group Code + Spoken Language + Country Origin

Best data privacy in the industry:
  • Other information providers track you. We don't track you at all.
  • Zero use of tracking cookies or 3rd party analytics
  • Zero location-based tracking or "geotracking"
  • Zero utilization of social media tracking buttons
  • No flash cookies, persistent cookies, DOM storage, or LSO's
  • No tracking of page referrals or what link you clicked on to visit us
  • No web beacons, "Facebook pixels", or "clear gifs"
  • We do not even collect visitor IP addresses (except, for security reasons, where our code requires it, i.e. when submitting payment information)
  • We never sell, rent or lease your information to anyone. Period.

How does it work?
  • Create your list (usually this means exporting it from your database)
  • Include any columns you may need in addition to Email Address
  • Login above using your UserID & password
  • Click 'Reverse Email Append' then upload your list
  • Processing initiates moments after successful file upload
  • Email addresses are matched against our national name/address files
  • Names and postal addresses are appended to your email list
  • Mail Score is applied to every address
  • Demographic enhancement is applied
  • When processing is complete, you receive a Notification Email with download instructions

Start populating your database with complete name and address information. It's easy. And with our automated system, it's fast. With little effort or expense, you will increase the overall value & capability of your database.

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