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NCOALink Processing

National Change of Address provides the opportunity for faster product/service processing through accurate mail delivery.

We're good:

  • No Setup Cost
  • Wholesale Rates
  • No Long-term Contracts
  • No Volume Requirements
  • Full NCOA-48 processing
  • Flexible Data Formatting
  • Low minimum fees
  • Dedupe file upon request

The Best Data Privacy   

  • Zero 3rd party analytics
  • Zero social media tracking
  • Zero use of tracking cookies
  • No location-based tracking
  • No web beacons or clear gifs
  • No flash cookies or LSO's
  • No IP Address tracking
  • Other info providers track you
  • We don't track you at all

Over 44 million Americans change addresses annually

National Change of Address

NCOA Quick Guide

National Change of Address makes USPS Address Updates (NCOA) information available to mailers, service bureaus, list owners,and database admins to help update addresses and reduce undeliverable mailpieces.

Steps that take place when your data begins NCOA processing:

  1. Clean data is good data, which is why your input addresses will undergo our robust dual-engine USPS address standardization including data hygiene and appending the ZIP+4 code
    • Note: You do not necessarily need to have Zip4 data in your input file; our processing will even fix that!

  2. Once your input addresses have been standardized and the ZIP+4 code applied, your input names & address are then matched against the NCOA masterfile, which includes all the latest USPS address updates and contains approximately 160 million records & 48 months of permanent address changes.

  3. If a match is made using the old address information along with the input name, then the new address is appended to your data!
    • Note: Your original data is never overwritten; in fact, our return files include all original data intact followed by appended NCOA columns.
NCOA is a comprehensive program that assists in identifying changes of address and keeping mailing data current & up-to-date. Recommended NCOA use is every 95 days according to USPS.

The USPS masterfile is typically updated on a weekly basis by the USPS. NCOAsource improves mail deliverability by checking the last 4 years' for individual, family, and business moves and providing mailers with current, standardized 5-digit ZIP Codes, 4-digit add-on codes, and 3-digit delivery point addresses.

Questions & Answers:

  • How often is the NCOALink dataset updated?
    Answer: It's updated weekly by the USPS.
  • Does the National Change of Address data really go back 4 years?
    Answer: Yes. We provide the full 48-month (4 year) NCOA dataset.
  • Does your NCOA processing provide USPS address standardization too?
    Answer: Yes. In fact, that is our first step in our National Change of Address service.
  • I don't have Zip+4 data in my file...can you still update it?
    Answer: Yes. Zip+4 data in your input file is not required. We will append Zip+4 to your data and include it in your NCOA return file.
  • Does this NCOA processing include the CASS 3553 report? And the NCOA report?
    Answer: Yes. Both are included as an attachment in your Usage Report email.