1. Indentify address changes not filed with USPS
  2. One in five of all movers do not notify USPS
  3. Over 750,000 new COAs added monthly
  4. Typical lift is 10-20% over NCOA

The Best Data Privacy   

  • Zero 3rd party analytics
  • Zero social media tracking
  • Zero use of tracking cookies
  • No location-based tracking
  • No web beacons or clear gifs
  • No flash cookies or LSO's
  • No IP Address tracking
  • Other info providers track you
  • We don't track you at all


4-year USPS NCOA + 10 year PCOA masterfile...Since 2002

Proprietary Change of Address


10 years of multi-sourced Change of Address

Why you need PCOA
Most organizations have come to rely on the USPS National Change of Address service as a tool for identifying movers and updating address information prior to mailing.

While this works most of the time, the problem is this: the USPS relies solely on postal customers filing change of address forms with the postal service when they move. Increasingly however not all movers fill out this form, meaning that NCOA alone cannot provide all new address information. Compounding this problem, strict USPS matching requirements means you are potentially missing many, many address corrections.

NCOA alone is not a complete address update solution

  • PCOA adds movers that cannot be corrected using USPS data alone
  • Approx 27% of US movers do not notify the USPS
  • Proprietary multi-sourced dataset:
    • Utility company info
    • Phone company connects/disconnects
    • Magazine publishers (over 120)
    • Credit grantors
    • Retailers & catalogers
    • Third-party credit card processors
  • Almost 140MM COAs (old and new address pairs) going back ten years
  • Over 750k new and unique COAs added monthly
  • PCOA increases the number of corrected movers by 5-10% or more
  • Reduce wasted mailing expenses & enhances marketing effectiveness

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PCOA: Powerful dual-level processing
NCOA is the first step in this process, followed by PCOA.

Records that do not match in the first step (NCOA) are automatically routed to the second step (PCOA), which goes through 10 years' worth of change of address data. It's a proven technique that works.

For a complete change of address solution, use our Proprietary Change of Address service combined with NCOA. By using the combination of NCOA + PCOA, you will identify movers and obtain new address information prior to mailing.

How does it work?

  • Create your list (usually this means exporting it from your database)
  • Include any columns you may need in addition to Name, Address, City, State & Zip
  • Login anywhere on the website using your UserID & password
  • Click 'Proprietary Change of Address' then upload your list
  • Processing initiates moments after successful file upload
  • Names & addresses are matched against our national PCOA dataset
  • Fresh addresses are appended to your list
  • A mail deliverability score is applied to every address in your list
  • When processing is complete, receive Notification Email with download instructions

PCOA: Your database will thank you

Remember, NCOA alone is not a complete address update solution.

PCOA offers unmatched potential to update your addresses as much as possible, combining highly accurate matching with dual-sourced confirmation, you are now able to achieve maximum matching potential.